Best Site To Download Cracked Android apps Or Cracked Apk

Here We provide an alternative place to download Android Apk apps other than the Google Play store. I have been searching for the best site to download cracked android apps for android. The sites are completely safe and free. If you are looking for paid apps for free then you are in right place. Some Professional developer removes the paid option from the app and crack the to use for free without any issues.

Download Cracked Android apps

These sites are best for paid and premium apps and games and also premium apk apps. These sites are highly active and Regualy updated the latest apps and games, so you’ll get regular updates of the latest apps.

We have Put easy user-friendly sites to download cracked apps for android. We do not take any responsibllity if you misuse the below provided site apps.

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Best Site To Download Cracked Android apps

The sites are not complete less the Play Store. Even you also found some apps that do not have in the play store, you can search on the sites to find your favorite moded paid apps.

Here is a list of 10 popular best sites to download paid apps for free and also they are genuine and real-time updated sites.

1. BlackMart Alpha


Blackmart Alpha is the same as the Google Play Store, but all Apps and games can be downloaded here for free. The user interface is very simple and user-friendly, so it didn’t take long to get your favorite apps. And Also, you don’t need to create or sign up for an account. This is the best site to download a premium Android app directly. download.

BlackMart Alpha Features:

  • Their services are free of cost
  • The user interface is simple and straightforward.
  • There are several categories in the app section.
  • The Updated version of the application.

2. APKMirror


APKMirror is one of the most popular sites among Android users to download APK files. This site is managed by the same team as the popular Android Police news portal.

In addition, you can also participate in sharing your favorite applications so that others can download them too. Regarding security, APK Mirror is number one because it has the official rights of all the applications in it.

From a security perspective, the APKMirror team has the following policies:

  • APKMirror always verifies all uploaded APKs before publishing;
  • To ensure the authenticity of APKs, APKMirror always checks the digital signature of each APK and matches it with the previous version;
  • Every new app from the same developer will always be matched to verify its legitimacy.

That way, APKMirror won’t publish an APK if they can’t verify the validity of the APK so users will never find cracked apps APKs, pirated apps, or paid apps that have been cracked for free.

3. APKPure

APKPure Download Cracked Android apps

APKPure is the toughest rival of APKMirror even though these two sites actually launched at almost the same time.

Like APKMirror, this site also maintains strict security practices to ensure all Download Cracked Android apps are safe and free of viruses and malware.

  • Simple and attractive design.
  • QR code service for every app download.
  • Release update files quickly.
  • Downloads are guaranteed safe from viruses.
  • No spam at all.
  • There are various kinds of applications including old apk files.
  • The description of the application is simple and perfect.
  • Respond to comments quickly.

APKPure also provides an Android-based APKPure application that you can download.

4. F-Droid

F-Droid for craced android apps

As the name implies, F-Droid is only accessed by Android users and provides a complete range of features. The size of the application in it is also quite light, so it doesn’t burden the users’ smartphones.

There are so many applications related to the programming world in it. So it is very suitable for those of you who want to become a web developer or application developer. Don’t worry, it’s safe, it won’t leak your data or damage the Android system.

The downside is that you will have minimal access to applications similar to the Play Store unless you download Aurora and allow location access. So far it can be understood right?

5. ihackedit

ithackedit Download Cracked Android apps

This Website is quite popular, every time you search for a mod application and type it on google, there is an ihackedit website in the search field, this website provides lots of mod applications and also updates almost every day.

This site is also one of the best sites to Download Cracked Android apps and games, all are free and premium apps and games.

Visite Now ihackedit

6. Get APK

To Get Google Play store Paid apps for free, then you can go for Get APK . This is another great platform to download paid apps on Android without spending your money. Due to the site’s bad design, most people don’t like it and uninstall this app. One of its best features is that you can find all versions of any type of app here. You can easily download old versions of any app using the GetAPK app.

Best Features Of GetAPK MArket

  1. Very easy to use
  2. Direct download apk file
  3. Huge categories
  4. Paid and free apps and games are available
  5. Search your favorite apps and download

Check Now

7. On HAx – Best Site for Cracked APK

onhax working site

On HAX is the best site to download mod/crack apps for android. can be used to download premium apk files. This site does not charge anything to download the application. It is completely free to download. This site is also updated every day and is very responsive to visitors.

This site offers many android applications either free or paid and gets high rates from its users. In addition, all the applications in it are also not fake, in the sense that they are already in the testing stage.

8. Apk4Free – Free Paid Apk for Android

apk4free paid apps for free

as the name implies, this website provides mod or cracked applications for free that you can download. on this website, there are many applications provided such as games, tools, etc. I myself very often look for image and video editor applications on this website.

This site can help app developers to see if their premium version of Android apps has been cracked or not. If there is, surely the application is already perched on this site. So, application developers can make new developments from existing loopholes and vulnerabilities.

9. RevDL


RevDL is one of the top-tier sites to Download Cracked Android apps. They have hosted the site with Blogspot and Complete data server via cloud hosting server. So, you can download the crack application without any problem on this site.

If the site is not accessible, you can try to access the site with any Free VPN available on the play store. Because most sites have been blocked gradually.


APKmb™ Specially Designed To Share all Android Apps & Games for Free. On This Site, You Can Directly Download All Kinds of Android Mobile Apps, Games, Launchers, and more to Your Phone Without any annoying Ads.

How To Download From APKMB:

  1. Visit the site APKMB
  2. Search your favorite apps and games
  3. Click to Download APK
  4. You will be taken to the second page
  5. Click “Download” on the second page
  6. Your file starts downloading.

11. DLandroid

The site for downloading the APK Mod recommendation from us is Dlandroid. This site has a diverse collection of games ranging from PPSPP games, android, and other applications.

The appearance of this site is also fairly easy to understand, so you won’t be confused when visiting this site to Download Cracked Android apps.

12. Apk4Fun


If you don’t know about Apk4Fun is a pretty well-known repository. This application allows its users to download older versions of applications. Relax, the developer offers security from the side of loading on your favorite smartphone.

There are millions of Games and other cool apps that you can try for yourself. Apk4Fun is the really best site that is quite popular among millennials in recent years.


Whatever application product is produced, it will definitely take time, effort, and money (cost) to develop. And many app developers spend a lot of money to make money from apps.

So, if everyone starts using pirated apps then you are destroying the app developer business. Remember that most of the paid or premium apps are already priced very cheaply. It would be nice if you buy an application that suits your budget. No matter how safe the crack application is, it has the potential to harm your device. Beware, Beware.

Download Cracked Android apps is illegal and highly unethical. All the efforts that developers put into the application to produce results and benefits for the users. Appreciate the services of application developers by legally buying application licenses. If you don’t buy it, then don’t download the crack version because there is no income for them.

All of the above sites are not ours. We only share for educational and learning purposes. We are not responsible for any risks that occur from visiting the sites mentioned above.

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