10 Ways to Fix Instagram Unknown Network Error Occurre

Hello, do you know how to solve Instagram Unknown Network Error Occurred problem?

Instagram is a photo-sharing social media belonging to the internet giant Facebook. This is so popular, almost all celebrities have an Instagram account.

On Instagram, there are many fun and interesting things to do, such as uploading photos and videos, creating stories, following friends or idol accounts, liking and commenting on their posts, and various other interesting things.

Because Instagram is a very exciting application that can be accessed via Android and iPhone cellphones, it makes users forget the time.

Yes, Instagram is not only used as an entertainment venue or point of people’s lives, but you can do business on Instagram such as selling online and promoting your business.

Now when you want to log in to your Instagram account, suddenly the message ” unknown network error occurred on Instagram ” or ” Instagram unknown network error occurred “.

This will definitely make you annoyed because it interferes with your activities on Instagram, especially if the Instagram application suddenly exits by itself. This must make you more annoyed.

But now you don’t have to worry anymore, you can fix the error on Instagram.

Go ahead without having to wait any longer, here’s how to easily and quickly solve Instagram Unknown Network Error Occurred :

Instagram Unknown Network Error Occurred

How To Solve Instagram Unknown Network Error Occurred

1. Disable and enable Wifi

The main cause of the notification message that an unknown network error occurs on Instagram when logging into an account is due to network problems, especially wifi. Please check your wifi signal connection, is the signal full? Or maybe the wifi password has been changed.

Or try turning it off and trying to reconnect.

2. Disable and enable mobile data

If you are not using wifi, then the cause of the network error message is your cellular data connection. Try turning it off and reconnecting the mobile data. That way this network error can be resolved.

3. Disable and enable airplane mode

If you have done the two steps above and there is still a network error when you want to log into your account, try turning on airplane mode, then turning it off again.
By turning on airplane mode all internet and phone connections on your cellphone will be turned off on restart. The network on your cellphone will return to normal and can overcome this.

4. Clear cache

Clearing cache is also a workaround for how to troubleshoot network errors. Please open the settings menu on your Android phone or iPhone, open the application then search for Instagram. Click on storage then click on clear cache or clear memory.

5. Clear data

To delete data, please open the settings menu on your Android phone or iPhone, open the application and search for Instagram. Click on storage and then click on clear data.

But remember, if you delete data on the Instagram app, your login information will be deleted. Make sure you remember your Instagram account password.

6. Press the recent apps button

The recent apps button is used to close applications that are still running in the background or a quick way to open between applications that are still running. You can press the recent apps button to close the Instagram application that is still running in the background.

7. Restart the phone

Restarting the cellphone will make your cellphone lighter because all applications running in the background will be turned off.

8. Reinstall the application

You can try reinstalling the Instagram app to fix the network error problem. But don’t forget your Instagram account login information because you will be asked later.

9. Update the app

Try checking maybe who knows you are still using the Instagram application which is quite old, so it requires an update so that it can run optimally and you can enjoy the new features too.

10. Update OS

This is the last step that you can try if it doesn’t work after doing all the methods above. You can update your phone’s operating system.

That’s a complete article that discusses how to solve Instagram Unknown Network Error Occurred. How have you been able to solve an unknown network error when logging in to ig or while playing with ig?

That’s it. If there are still problems or there are other things you want to ask, just write in the comments column below. Thank you and I hope it will be useful.

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